Ternate, North Maluku (ANTARA News) - French film producer Zidane William Estel has a profound interest in Ternate tourism sector in North Maluku and wants to immortalize it in a documentary film.

"After being completed, the documentary film about Ternate tourism will be aired by a French TV station on June 2013," Zidane said here on Saturday.

He said he would like to immortalize the tourism of Ternate in the documentary film because the area has a lot of interesting tourism attractions.

Ternate is an island and town in the Maluku Islands of eastern Indonesia, located off the west coast of the larger island of Halmahera.

Zidane noted that the locations to be immortalized in the documentary film are among others the area around Fort Don Gil or known as "Benteng Kota Janji", a small fort with three bulwarks with four to six cannons; and the panoramic view of Maitara and Tidore islands.

"These locations are very interesting because we can see beauty of Maitara and Tidore islands, as well as the splendid scenery of Gamalama volcano," Zidane said through his interpreter Miranda Yulianingsih.

He also appreciated the hospitality of Ternate people, who would like to cooperate in the production of the documentary film.

Meanwhile, Ternate Deputy Mayor Arifin Djafar said he fully supported the creation of the film to help promote the Ternate tourism potential in Europe.

"The city of Ternate has a wealth of culture and history with seven forts of colonial era, and therefore it deserves to be promoted," Arifin Djafar said.


Editor: Jafar M Sidik
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