Several tugboats and barges with capacity of over 3,000 tonnes can now resume sailing."
Muara Teweh, Central Kalimantan (ANTARA News) - The water level in Barito River in North Barito and Murung Raya District of Central Kalimantan has increased, making it easier for huge vessels to pass through.

For the last two weeks, the water level in the river had been reducing, leaving several tugboats and barges stranded.

"Several boats and empty high-tonnage barges or those loaded with coals have started sailing downstream and upstream," said Communication and Information Sub-official Rizalfi, a technical officer at N Barito River Traffic of Transportation, on Monday.

Heavy rains in the past few days in upstream regions such as N Barito, Bukau area, and Murung Raya District had led to an increase in the water level in the 900-kilometer-long Barito River.

Dozens of tug boats and empty barges, owned by a coal company, had been stranded at the riverside of Bukau of C Teweh Sub-district and other regions, and they are now sailing upstream.

"Several tugboats and barges with capacity of over 3,000 tonnes can now resume sailing," Rizalfi said.

He added that barges that load coals are less in numbers since ships have to queue in stock pile sea port to load coals.

"Thousands of coals in the stock pile are being transported," Rizalfi said.

On Monday afternoon, the High Water Scale in Muara Teweh reached 10.3 meters, indicating that the depth of water is safe for high tonnage of barges to pass through the river.

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