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Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati expects that the leaders of ministries/non-ministerial government institutions (K/Ls) will not only pursue Unqualified Opinions (WTP), but will work hard in managing the budget, so that the quality of financial statements can improve annually.

"The K/L leadership is not only satisfied and seeking WTP opinions, but also expects to see hard work in budget management and good governance practices, in accordance with the Act. So it is not only pursuing compliance, but also better performance," Sri Mulyani said in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Sri Mulyani made his statement when representing the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs in the submission of the Audit Report on the State General Treasurer Financial Statements (LKBUN) and the 2018 Ministry / Institution Financial Report (LKKL) to the State Financial Auditors II.

She also said the WTP opinion about the 2018 Central Government Financial Report (LKPP) was a superior achievement and must be continued, especially since the recognition has been obtained for three consecutive years.

"We hope that the results of the WTP opinion can be translated into a budget that is useful for society and the economy," she said.

To that end, the government will continue to improve the quality of financial reports through intensive guidance in the implementation of accrual-based accounting, and encourage training in human resources so that accounting record procedures can be improved.

Regarding the weakness of the internal control system, which was the finding of the State Audit Board (BPK), Sri Mulyani said this would be addressed so that financial statements could become more accountable and trusted by the public.

"With the accountability and integrity of the ministries and Institutions, we hope that public trust and stakeholders can be better served," he said.

Previously, the BPK issued WTP opinions for LKPP 2018 after examining 86 LKKLs and one LKBUN.

Of the 87 financial statements, the BPK issued WTP opinions about 81 LKKL and one LKBUN, which was an increase compared to the 2017 period, when opinions were issued for 79 LKKL and one LKBUN.

The BPK also issued Unqualified With Exception (WDP) opinions to four LKKL, a decrease compared to the 2017 period when there were six LKKL.

In addition, there is still one LKKL set by BPK as a disclaimer to not issue an opinion, down compared to last year's two LKKL.

However, there are still a number of findings on LKPP 2018, including weaknesses in the internal control system and non-compliance with cash administration, management of fixed assets, PNBP management and budgeting, and implementing accountability that is not in accordance with the provisions of each Institution Ministry.

"We will deliver to the minister the LKPP and the results of the BPK examination so that all ministers can lead and follow up on the BPK report in the action plan with a clear timeline," Sri Mulyani said.


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