West Aceh administration builds new bridge at estimated Rp31.5 million

West Aceh administration builds new bridge at estimated Rp31.5 million

Ramli M.S., the district head of West Aceh, laid the first cornerstone for the construction of the new Ulee Rakeet bridge on June 11, 2020.

Meulaboh, Aceh (ANTARA) - The West Aceh district administration is building a new bridge that is projected to cost some Rp31.5 billion as a replacement to the Ulee Rakeet Bridge that collapsed owing to erosion.

The bridge will again reconnect the villages of Sawang Teubee and Alue Peudeung after access was severed following the collapse of the old bridge in October 2019.

The new bridge is expected to restore economic activities of the local traders of Kaway XVI and Pante Ceureumen sub-districts, Ramli M. S., the West Aceh district head, stated here on Thursday.

"The steel frame bridge is being built to facilitate local people to sell various agricultural products, crops, and livestock," he remarked.

Ramli is optimistic that construction of a replacement bridge would boost economic growth since the costs incurred by the community to market their crops would be cheaper, and the process would become easier.

The new bridge is expected to be connected to a ring road currently under construction in West Aceh.

"I hope that this bridge would be ready for use in 2021, so that in future, the public faces no problem," he stated.

Ramli was also upbeat about the construction contractor completing the work in accordance with the specified target while prioritizing quality during bridge development

Meanwhile, Head of the West Aceh Public Works and Spatial Planning Office Kurdi stated that construction of the bridge was planned in three stages, with funding of Rp31.5 billion.

For the first phase in 2020, the local government has disbursed a budget of Rp12 billion for the construction of two abutments and two pillars in the middle, along with a road stretching 40 meters long and 10 meters wide.

During the second phase of 2021, funds of Rp15 billion will be allotted for the procurement and installation of steel bridge frames, while the remaining Rp4.5 billion in 2022 will be utilized to complete the final stages of development.

"God willing, if no obstacles are encountered, this bridge will be ready for the community in 2021," Kurdi added. Related news: Bridge linking Banten, West Java areas collapses after landslide
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