Floods inundate 13 villages in East Kotawaringin's three sub-districts

Floods inundate 13 villages in East Kotawaringin's three sub-districts

Flooding in Antang Kalang Sub-district, East Kotawaringin, Central Kalimantan. ANTARA/HO-Camat Antang Kalang

Sampit, C Kalimantan (ANTARA) - Floods triggered by unremitting torrential rains, submerged 13 villages in the sub-districts of Antang Kalang, Mentaya Hulu, and Telaga Antang in East Kotawaringin District, Central Kalimantan Province, the local disaster mitigation office’s (BPBD’s) official stated.

Downpours over the last week had led to several rivers overflowing their banks and triggering flooding, especially in settlement areas located along riverbanks and lowlands, Head of the Emergency and Logistics Section of the East Kotawaringin BPBD Yephi Hartady stated here on Monday.

In Antang Kalang Sub-district, flooding inundated 96 homes in Tumbang Kalang Village, 15 homes in Tumbang Ramei, 25 homes in Sei Puring, 20 homes in Kuluk Telawang, and 30 homes in Tumbang Manya.

In Mentaya Hulu Sub-district, a total of 50 houses were inundated in Kuala Kuaya Village, 20 in Bawan Village, and 40 in Tangkaroba.

Floods in Telaga Antang Sub-district swamped 30 homes in Tumbang Sangai Village, 25 homes in Rantau Katang, 17 in Tumbang Bajane, 32 homes in Tumbang Boloi Village, 20 homes in Tukang Langit, and 15 homes in Tumbang Kuwan.

Floodwaters reached between 50 centimeters to over a meter in height. "It depends on the terrain in the respective areas," Hartady noted.

BPBD Kotawaringin Timur reminded local villagers to stay alert and to prioritize safety, as flooding was expected to continue.

The locals were advised to move to higher ground when the water levels rose.

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