Wisma Atlet's Tower 4 to serve asymptomatic patients for isolation

Wisma Atlet's Tower 4 to serve asymptomatic patients for isolation

Coordinator of the Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital for COVID-19 Major General Dr Tugas Ratmono

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Wisma Atlet Emergency Hospital (RSD) for COVID-19 has begun operating tower 4 as an additional building to accommodate asymptomatic patients in need of isolation.

Tower 4 became operational today because the three towers -- 5, 6, and 7 -- currently in use, were nearly full, Coordinator of the COVID-19 Emergency Hospital Major General Dr Tugas Ratmono noted in a statement at Graha BNPB here on Monday.

Towers 6 and 7 comprise treatment rooms for COVID-19 patients exhibiting mild to moderate symptoms. The Towers 4 and 5 serve for self-isolation of asymptomatic patients.

Currently, the bed capacity at Towers 6 and 7 reached 80 percent. Meanwhile, the bed capacity at Tower 5 currently touched 90 percent.

"We have currently prepared Tower 4, with 1,546 beds. Since this morning, we have begun accommodating patients, and the healthcare workers are also ready," he noted.

Ratmono remarked that one pavilion at Wisma Atlet can provide two to three beds for COVID-19 patients. If the entire room is filled with two or even a maximum of three beds, the capacity of the RSD COVID-19 Wisma Atlet could increase by some two thousand additional patients per tower, or an estimated total of 8,146 patients can be accommodated.

He expounded that patients to receive treatment at RSD COVID-19 Wisma Atlet were those with positive results in the PCR test. Meanwhile, patients, with mild or moderate symptoms, can be treated immediately, but COVID-19 patients without symptoms need an additional letter of recommendation.

"Those entering Towers 4 and 5 are patients, who have tested positive based on PCR tests, and having a recommendation letter from Puskesmas (community health centers) that they cannot undergo independent isolation at home," he stated. Related news: Emergency Hospital discharges 13,757 patients recovering from COVID-19
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