Cinemas postpone food, drinks sales to prevent visitors from unmasking

Cinemas postpone food, drinks sales to prevent visitors from unmasking

Visitors purchase tickets at CGV Grand Indonesia Cinema, Central Jakarta on the first day of its opening on Thursday (September 16, 2021). (ANTARA/Mentari Dwi Gayati/KT)

These conditions are conducted following the adjustment of Level 3 PPKM rules in Jakarta, where the government allows cinemas to operate with a maximum capacity of 50 percent.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Several managements of cinemas in Jakarta resumed cinema operations on Thursday, but decided to keep the sale of food and drinks suspended to prevent customers from removing their masks.

As part of its health protocols, CGV Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta is not offering food and drinks to visitors.

"We do not sell popcorn and drinks for fear of (our) customers taking off their masks during watching the movie," Reza, one of the staff at CGV Grand Indonesia, said here on Thursday.

When an ANTARA reporter visited the cinema, it appeared the popcorn and beverage machines there were not operational. In addition, the dining area of the cinema also looked dark and was closed off with barriers.

To attract visitors, CGV cinema chain is offering cashback to members for every ticket purchase, instead of discounts on the purchase of tickets and food packages.

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One visitor, Puti (32), said she did not mind the ban on eating and drinking inside the cinema. According to her, the ban is a health protocol that must be obeyed if people want cinemas to continue operating.

"It does not matter because it is to prevent us from taking off masks and transmitting the virus. I hope all other visitors can comply so that cinemas do not close anymore. Earlier they were opened, and when the (COVID-19) cases went up, they were closed again," Puti said.

A similar situation was witnessed at XXI Plaza Indonesia, where the area where popcorn and drinks were sold earlier remained in darkness.

Following the implementation of Level 3 PPKM rules in Jakarta, the government has allowed cinemas to operate at a maximum capacity of 50 percent.

However, only visitors who have been fully vaccinated are being allowed to visit cinemas. Before entry, visitors are required to undergo a screening using the PeduliLindungi application and thereafter follow the health protocols promulgated for public spaces.

Currently, children younger than 12 years and those who have not been vaccinated are not being allowed to enter cinemas.

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