Ministry to issue decision on BPJS data leak soon

Ministry to issue decision on BPJS data leak soon

A branch office of the Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan) in Central Jakarta on May 28, 2021. (ANTARA PHOTO/M RISYAL HIDAYAT/my)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Communication and Informatics Ministry has said that it will announce its official decision regarding the Healthcare and Social Security Agency (BPJS Kesehatan) data leak soon.

"Regarding the Healthcare and Social Security Agency (case), the investigation process has been completed, and the Communication and Informatics Ministry will issue an official decision in the near future," the ministry's spokesperson, Dedy Permadi, informed in Jakarta on Monday.

"But the official decision cannot be revealed now. If the decision letter is already in place, then it will be shown to all of you," he added.

In May 2021, data on 279 million Indonesians participating in BPJS Kesehatan was allegedly leaked and traded on the website. The data reportedly comprised the participants' single identity numbers, identity cards (KTP), phone numbers, e-mails, names, addresses, and even salaries.

The ministry had previously investigated a sample of residents' personal data that was leaked and traded on an account with username Kotz on the Raids Forum.

The sample data contained 100,002 data sets, and not one million, as claimed by the seller, the ministry said. However, the ministry strongly suspected the data sample to be identical to the BPJS Kesehatan data.

It also banned access to sites selling the data as an anticipatory measure, Permadi said.

He stressed that blocking access to sites trading stolen personal data was only one of several measures taken by the government to prevent and minimize the potential risk of a bigger data leak.

"Efforts to cut off access to sites that can be used to download (stolen personal data) is one of the many efforts made by the government to minimize the potential risk of a greater data leak," said Permadi.

His statement followed new reports of personal data of Indonesian residents being leaked from several institutional services and traded through the Raid Forums website.

A new, different link to the website was reportedly created after access to the site was limited by the ministry.

"The access to Raid Forums itself has been cut off since the Healthcare and Social Security Agency (data leak) case. This is one of our efforts. Then, because this site has been cut off, this forum creates a new link. The first is, and the second is," he revealed.

"The two websites used to download the data have also been cut off. However, this is not the only solution. It is one of the many processes that are ongoing," he added.

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