Digitalization to encourage youngsters to join sharia business: VP

Digitalization to encourage youngsters to join sharia business: VP

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin. (ANTARA/HO-Vice President Secretariat)

Digitalization has the potential to attract the young generation
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Digitalization has huge potential to encourage the young generation in Indonesia to become directly involved in the sharia finance and business industry, according to Vice President Ma’ruf Amin.

"Digitalization has the potential to attract the young generation, whose members are very large in number, to enter and become directly involved in the market of sharia financial institutions and businesses," Amin noted while opening the 2021 Ijtima Sanawi (annual meeting) of Indonesian Sharia Supervisory Board (DPS) here, Thursday.

The vice president remarked that statistically, Indonesia's population largely constituted youngsters in the age bracket of 25-40 years.

"Statistically, Indonesia's population is currently dominated by the generation Z and millennials," he pointed out.

According to Amin, young people tend to keep up with the developments in information technology. Thus, they can potentially become key players in the sharia economic sector.

"These (members of the young generation) are people, who will become important players in the digital sharia economy, as they have been internet literate from an early age and tend to have great interest in choosing a lifestyle that is in accordance with their religion and beliefs," the vice president explained.

In addition, Amin noted that today's youngsters dominate the sharia generation, also known as "Gen-Sy." Thus, it further strengthens young human resources in Indonesia to develop sharia products.

The vice president assessed that the crisis situation arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit several countries for almost two years could make most people prefer sharia principles.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has made majority of the public, reaching 58.8 percent, more religious and prefer financial institutions with sharia principles. This data must be utilized and properly managed, so that it can be transformed to accelerate improvement of the sharia economy," Amin stated.

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