Jakarta (ANTARA) - Relocating Indonesia's capital city from Jakarta to East Kalimantan offers momentum to accelerate equitable development in the country, Chairman of Commission II of the House of Representatives (DPR) Ahmad Doli Kurnia Tandjung stated.

"Relocation of the capital city offers momentum or is a starting point for accelerating the growth of equitable development in Indonesia," Tandjung noted during a public discussion titled "Towards a New Capital City," broadcast live on the RRI NET OFFICIAL YouTube channel, accessed from here on Wednesday.

Tandjung noted that despite the idea to relocate Indonesia's capital city been voiced since long, it is only during President Joko Widodo's leadership period that Indonesia finally has a solid legal basis in the form of the Capital City Law (IKN Law), so that the relocation can be realized in order to accelerate equitable development.

Thus, the period of President Joko Widodo's leadership has laid emphasis and implemented the concept of Indonesia as a legal state, so that the relocation of the capital city is supported by a strong legal basis, specifically the IKN Law.

"Everything must be started with a legal basis through the making of the IKN Law," he highlighted.

Tandjung noted that relocating the capital city named Nusantara to East Kalimantan is a manifestation of Indonesia's vision and mission, so as to ensure equitable development across all regions.

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"Indonesia does not want to have only one magnet, only one growth center, but is keen to build a country with several strategies in the form of growth centers. Moreover, Indonesia is a fairly large country, so there must be a vision to accelerate equitable development," he remarked.

To this end, relocation of the capital city is a momentum to accelerate equitable development in Indonesia, he emphasized.

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