What we need to face those threats is togetherness
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Victims of terrorism in Indonesia are under the responsibility of the government, according to the National Counter Terrorism Agency (BNPT) Director for Protection, Imam Margono.

"The government's responsibilities include (providing) medical support, psychosocial and psychological rehabilitation, and compensations for families whose members were killed in terrorism acts (and terrorism survivors)," Margono noted in his written statement received here, Thursday.

During a meeting with 76 terrorism survivors united in the Central Sulawesi branch of Survivors' Forum (Forsitas) on Wednesday, the BNPT director remarked that the survivors are a living testament to the dangers of terrorism.

Margono then lauded the presence of Forsitas that could support BNPT's works and facilitate efforts to provide support and assistance to terrorism survivors.

According to prevailing laws, the BNPT has been mandated as coordinator for the recovery of victims of terrorism, with duties that encompass coordinating with relevant ministries, government institutions, and other stakeholders for the victims' rehabilitation programmes, he noted.

"Those measures demonstrated the presence of the government for all residents, including survivors (of terrorism acts)," the official stated.

Margono highlighted that terrorism survivors could also serve as a reminder of threats of terrorism that should be addressed properly.

"What we need to face those threats is togetherness," he affirmed.

He remarked that if the nation is formidable, residents are courageous, and all stakeholders are united to declare war against terrorism, then national peace could be realized.

Meanwhile, Forsitas' Central Sulawesi branch coordinator Daniel Doeka stated that the forum is a medium for terrorism survivors to share their experiences and remind residents of the dangers of terrorism.

"This event has informed us about what we need. Moreover, we felt respected because the government is really here for us," Doeka stated.

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