Women have a large potential to become contributors to esports development in Indonesia.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Esports Central Board (PBESI) encouraged broader professional participation of women esports athletes, PBESI's official Debora Imanuella noted here, Monday.

"Women players should prove themselves and show to their teams that they can. It is important for them to not limit themselves to special ladies-only tournaments but also major tournaments," the Special Staff of the Secretary General for Communication and Development of the Esports Industry remarked.

Moreover, Imanuella said that the PBESI supports inclusivity in the sport.

"We support inclusivity. We do not see someone based on their gender, but their capability, because the game is for everyone," she emphasized.

"Women have large potential to become contributors to esports development in Indonesia," she stated.

According to Imanuella, the number of professional women esports athletes is still smaller than the number of male sportspersons, despite gaming-related interest among women having tended to grow in Indonesia.

When questioned about the biggest challenge posed in increasing the involvement of Indonesian women esports players, she deemed that it was still influenced by the factor of discrimination, even among communities.

Discrimination occurs more frequently within communities that are not yet open to women players and often underestimate them, she explained.

"When it comes to discrimination, I believe that it occurs in all industries," she remarked.

"When it comes to PBESI itself, we have a duty to minimize discrimination as much as possible, such as by conducting dissemination and promoting women figures (in esports ecosystem)," she remarked.

In addition, Imanuella highlighted that women's talents in esports can be improved by providing more support, involving them in major tournaments, and cooperating with related parties.

"The talents are few in number, so it became important to have a cooperation platform and think about how we can support the esports ecosystem in Indonesia to be more inclusive," she affirmed.

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