Labuan Bajo, NTT (ANTARA) - Labuan Bajo Flores Authority Implementing Agency (BPOLBF) confirmed that 1,156 rooms at 22 hotels and resorts in Labuan Bajo were prepared for delegates and national committee of the 42nd ASEAN Summit on May 9-11.

"The delegates and the national committee will be placed in four- and five-star hotels in Labuan Bajo," BPOLBF Director, Shana Fatina, stated in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, on Friday.

She remarked that holding large-scale events, such as the ASEAN Summit, would bring in several tourists or scheduled tourists since most of them were delegates and event organizers.

Data from BPOLBF showed that the thousands of rooms are divided into five five-star hotels and resorts, five four-star hotels and resorts, five three-star hotels and resorts, and six two-star hotels and resorts.

With the current increase in hotel occupancy, the BPOLBF ensures that it can bring economic impact on the tourism industry and other creative economies in Labuan Bajo and its surroundings, Fatina remarked.

"With the increase in tourist arrivals, it will have a multiplier effect, not only for hotel owners but also for the economy of farmers through the food supply chain because there will also be an increase in demand for food ingredients," she pointed out.

Meanwhile, General Manager of Jayakarta Labuan Bajo Hotel Reynes Sahadoen stated that the delegation from the Philippines had planned to stay at his hotel during the ASEAN Summit. The room reservations for foreign delegations start from May 5-12.

To ensure the success of this international event, his side has also made various preparations for cleanliness, security, and comfort for the guest delegates who stay there, he remarked.

According to Sahadoen, the hotel will add casual staff, who will work on May 5-12 to support the existing staffs.

The casual staff members are young people, who have undergone industrial internships at the hotel and have helped to arrange the 71 rooms for the delegation.

"Jayakarta Labuan Bajo Hotel is committed to supporting the government in succeeding the ASEAN Summit by maintaining and preparing various matters regarding accommodation cleanliness, preparation of human resources, and raw food materials," he stated.

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