Jakarta (ANTARA) - Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR) Meutya Hafid commended President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) for his commitment to providing humanitarian aid to Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.

"Commission I of the DPR appreciates President Joko Widodo for his promise to deliver humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza," head of the commission Meutya Hafid stated in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The legislator observed that the indiscriminate attacks launched incessantly by the Israeli forces at civilians and their facilities have resulted in the paralysis of various health facilities, thereby deteriorating the living conditions of Palestinians and necessitating immediate humanitarian assistance.

"Hopefully, the aid will be delivered as soon as possible," she remarked.

Furthermore, Hafid said she believes that both the Indonesian government and people will provide aid for the Palestinian people in Gaza.

"All parties, all elements of society, empathize and feel the sadness felt by Palestinians in Gaza and will work hand in hand to help them," she remarked.

Hafid then noted that since October 7, 2023, her side had continued to follow the update on the conditions in Gaza.

Hafid also stressed that all countries across the globe should emulate President Jokowi's fierce stance on Israeli assaults on civilians in Gaza while noting that the president had called for an immediate end to acts of violence.

"Countries should not make provocations and support Israel by providing military equipment instead. This is not a matter of who is losing and who is winning. Instead, this is a matter of humanity. A plethora of women, children, and elderly have fallen victims (to the violence)," she emphasized.

Earlier, President Jokowi conveyed a statement after chairing a limited meeting on Palestine at the State Palace, Jakarta, on Monday (October 30). The head of state reiterated Indonesia's condemnation over the attacks been continuously launched on civilians in Gaza by Israel.

He also stated that the Indonesian government will send its first batch of humanitarian aid to Palestine this week.

"Indonesia will send humanitarian assistance, which will be adjusted to the demand and needs of the Palestinian people. The first batch will be sent this week," he remarked.

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