Jakarta (ANTARA) - To encourage the independence and productivity of assistance beneficiary families (KPM) of the Nusantara Economic Heroes (PENA) program, the Social Affairs Ministry recently organized a workshop at Sentra Mulya Jaya Flat, Cipayung, East Jakarta.

Based on an official statement released by the ministry here on Monday, the PENA workshop, which was held from January 26 to January 28, 2024, aimed to help the KPM become more prosperous by making them more independent.

The workshop was held to support beneficiary families who have "graduated" or are already able to support themselves economically, with the families given in-depth lessons, such as on entrepreneurship skills.

The workshop was attended by 64 graduated KPMs and others who received social assistance from the government.

One of the graduated KPMs, Ida Nurfarida, 50, said she has opened a small store in front of her rented home in Kalipasir Indah, Tangerang city.

She attended the Visual Arts class at the PENA Workshop.

"(I attended the PENA Workshop) because I want to build a business so that it can run more smoothly and help my children and husband," Nurfarida said.

The mentor of the PENA Visual Arts class, Andreas, informed that the workshop participants learned about the importance of attractive displays and packaging for their produce to upgrade their existing businesses.

"I hope that the participants in my class can sell from home and have a wider market coverage," he said.

The Ministry of Social Affairs also provided a visual arts team to design or offer consultations to graduated KPMs regarding their problems.

The PENA program is expected to reduce economic inequality and extreme poverty in Indonesia.

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