Jakarta (ANTARA) - Supreme Court (MA) Chief Justice Muhammad Syarifuddin on Tuesday informed that several policies have been launched and implemented to improve the performance of the court's apparatus or staff to restore public trust in the institution.

"The first is to remove the Supreme Court officials and non-officials who violate the law and code of ethics," Syarifuddin said while delivering the "Special Plenary Session: Annual Report of the Supreme Court 2023," which was followed online from here on Tuesday.

The next policy is to break the chain of illegitimate practices by implementing a system of rotation and mutation periodically, he added.

Another policy is to build a strict official selection and recruitment system that takes into account the track record of integrity, he continued.

The court will dismiss officials who are proven to be negligent in their duties, and supervise and reprimand their subordinates who commit violations.

Yet another policy is to optimize the supervision task force and install CCTVs in office areas, especially areas suspected of being used for illicit practices, and build a special supervision information system.

"We conduct integrated supervision and guidance with the Judicial Commission (KY) and deploy 'mysterious shoppers' to monitor and supervise MA apparatus," he expounded.

The court has also established "Bawas Care," a special complaint channel that is directly managed by the head of the Supreme Court Supervisory Chamber.

Finally, the court will live-stream case decisions and reviews of decisions (PKs), and implement a system of appointing judges randomly using the Smart Majelis application.

The court is also developing a one-stop integrated service and sound recordings are being played regularly at the MA office.

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Translator: Nadia R, Kenzu
Editor: Azis Kurmala
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