Lower public satisfaction about President`s performance: poll

Jakarta  (ANTARA News) - A public opinion poll conducted by the Indonesian Survey Circle (LSI) shows a significant decline in public satisfaction about President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono`s performance.

"In July 2009, the public satisfaction rate was 85 percent. But in December 2010, the rate dropped to 63 percent," LSI Director Dodi Ambardi said here on Thursday when releasing the results of the poll titled "Evaluation of Public Satisfaction about the Government`s Performance in 2010."

Dodi said public support for SBY had continuously gone down between November 2009 and October 2010 with only 62 percent of respondents expressing satisfaction about his performance while in December the figure increased slightly to 63 percent.

He said the fluctuation in people`s support for SBY was closely related to economic, political and law enforcement conditions. According to the LSI survey, people thought economic and law enforcement conditions in Indonesia during 2010 were worse than in 2009.

With regard to economic conditions, , 63 percent of respondents said the government had done well in securing supply of the people`s basic needs but only 35 percent of them said they were satisfied with the government`s efforts to keep basic need prices in check.

In the poll, LSI also measured public opinion about Vice President Boediono`s performance.

According to the survey which was conducted between December 18 to 30, 2010 with 1,229 respondents and error margin of three percent, only 52 percent of the respondents felt satisfied with Boediono`s work.

"Public satisfaction about Boediono`s work fluctuated between 49 percent and 53 percent," he said.