China grants 1000 solar panels to Indonesia

China grants 1000 solar panels to Indonesia

Agung Laksono (left) with Ding Wei (right). (ANTARA/Dhoni Setiawan)

"This technology is very suitable to be applied in areas that have no electricity supply."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The People`s Republic of China has granted 1,000 units of solar power electricity panels to Indonesia to enhance infrastructure development in remote areas.

The extension of the grant was done symbolically in the Coordinating Ministry for People`s Welfare office complex here Monday, witnessed by the People`s Welfare Minister Agung Laksono.

"The government will distribute the solar panels to remote and outer areas still needing electricity supply. Technology is expected to support the creation of environmental friendly social infrastructure," said Agung.

The grant considered to be suitable for Indonesian geographical condition which is located in the equator and receives sun light throughout the year.

Therefore, Indonesia has a huge potential to develop solar power installations, he said.

Agung also said that these solar panels operation is very simple, easy to use with quite low maintenance costs.

"Therefore, this technology is very suitable to be applied in areas that have no electricity supply. Though the electricity supply is limited for home use, but it is a renewable solution," he said.

Meanwhile, the Director of Xuzhu Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee, Ding Wei, said that solar panels are already commonly installed in remote areas in China.

This model has also been used in rural and mountainous areas.

"The relationship between Indonesia and the People`s Republic of China has existed long enough to reach the main objective of improving the people`s welfare of both countries," he said.

Solar panels, can be installed anywhere in any location that has no public electricity supply, such as grasslands, operating in the open, forestry, and other places.

"Solar lighting is portable and convenient, beautiful and practical, no pollution and long life," he said.