YIWU, China, Oct. 8, 2013 (ANTARA/PRNewswire) -- Recently, the Organizing Committee of the 19th Yiwu Fair announced that many events, including the Sourcing Fair for Domestic and Foreign Buyers, will be simultaneously held to better serve domestic buyers.

As the most important part of this Yiwu Fair, the Conferences & Forums section will focus on serving the overall layout of the Fair as well as the bigger picture of prosperity and development for Yiwu city. The aim of the themed activities will be focused on enhancing the effectiveness of fair trade. Trade-supporting events such as the 3rd China Jewelry Forum, the Industry Trend Release Conference and the Trade Matchmaking will be concurrently held. Meanwhile, in addition to the aforementioned Sourcing Fair, other events included are the 3rd Yiwu Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention and Visit to Yiwu by Commercial Officers: Concerns for Import -- aimed at enriching the Fair and inviting buyers to participate in the Fair to enhance the economy and effectiveness of the fair.

Of all the events, the Sourcing Fair for Domestic and Foreign Buyers will be of the most concern for exhibitors and buyers. According to the information the organizers revealed, most buyers were more inclined to participate in the Sourcing Fair, which will undoubtedly feature this Yiwu Fair and be one of the highlights.

As introduced by the head of the promotion department, invitations will be sent to domestic and foreign buyers, major retail groups and purchasing representatives from stores and supermarkets to stay for purchasing at the Sourcing Fair, which is a new trade pattern different from the past. The Sourcing Fair will provide more attentive and professional service, as more qualified and precise trade match-making services will be provided for buyers and suppliers.

Meanwhile, the promotion department also indicated that various sourcing fairs covering industries in different scales and forms will be held at the Yiwu Fair -- arranging for suppliers and buyers selected beforehand to negotiate face-to-face to create a better chance that buyers and suppliers conclude transactions. We fervently hope the Sourcing Fair will be a bridge for business cooperation for many suppliers and buyers!

SOURCE The 19th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair Organizing Committee

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