Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Polices anti-terrorism unit Special Detachment (Densus) 88 should arrest terror suspects instead of fatally shooting them, because when they are alive, they could be useful, stated former national police chief Dai Bachtiar.

"I appreciate the efforts and hard work of the National Police and Densus 88 anti-terrorism unit in incessantly fighting against terrorism for the security of the public and the state. However, their arrest should not use fatal shooting unless it has to. It would be better if they are arrested alive," Bachtiar noted here on Friday.

Shooting terror suspects dead can cause cadres of terrorists to develop a feeling of vengeance toward police, he explained.

Dai Bachtiar, a former Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia, further explained that the motive of terrorism in Indonesia and in other countries is to fight against injustices.

"The injustice committed by advanced nations against developing ones, the injustice by advanced community against backward ones, injustice by majority against minority such as that in Palestine, Afghanistan, South Thailand and Myanmar, and social conflicts in Poso and Ambon. These are the motivations of terrorism," he stated.

As long as there are injustices, there will always be solidarity and extreme actions by using terror tactics, he added.

Besides, there are leaders or prominent figures that display dissatisfaction with and mete out injustices toward religious groups. And they find religious dogmas or ideology to justify for terrorism, he added.

"The Police and Densus 88 anti-terror unit must be able arrest those figures and leaders of terrorist network," he noted.

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