Landslides damage 19 houses and schools in Lebak

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Landslides have damaged 19 houses and two school buildings in Lebak District, Banten Province, over the past one week following incessant heavy rains.

"Luckily, the landslides have not claimed lives," Head of the Lebak Disaster Mitigation Office (BPBD) Kaprawi stated on Friday.

The landslides affected the sub-districts of Kalanganyar, Cilograng, Banjarsari, Lebakgedong, Leuwidamar and Rangkasbitung. Most houses hit by landslides are located in hilly areas.

At least 42 villages in Lebak are prone to landslides.

Meanwhile, floods and landslides that struck Central Javas Kudus district in the past few days have displaced 9,178 people until Thursday, stated Kudus District Head Musthofa.

"The thousands of evacuees are sheltered at different evacuation camps spread across several subdistricts in the Kudus district," he noted, while visiting the evacuees at the Graha Mustika building in the Getas Pejaten village.

All the evacuees have received food aid as the logistic stocks were adequate, he pointed out.

The local authorities would soon provide blankets and mats to those who had not yet received them, he claimed.

One of the evacuees, Sudikan, of the Jetis Kapuan village, Jati sub-district, stated that he was in dire need of a blanket.

"When it rains, I need a blanket to stay warm," he remarked.

He added that he had faced no problems regarding food and drinking water during his stay at the evacuation camp.

"I have no problems regarding food and water," he claimed.

According to the data received from the district disaster mitigation board (BPBD), the evacuees were being accommodated in 23 different shelters across seven subdistricts such as Kota, Jati, Mejobo, Undaan, Kaliwungu, Jekulo, and Gebog.

The landslide victims are now being evacuated to the Menawan Village Heads office.