COVID-19: Incentive funds for Mojokerto's health workers liquidated

COVID-19: Incentive funds for Mojokerto's health workers liquidated

Mojokerto Mayor Ika Puspitasari (ANTARA/HO-Pemkot Mojokerto/MY)

Kota Mojokerto (ANTARA) - The Mojokerto city government in East Java Province has liquidated Rp7.92 billion (some US$5.47 thousand) of incentive funds for healthcare workers and supporting staff members who fight on the front lines against COVID-19. 

The incentive funds were offered to health workers handling the COVID-19 pandemic at the Dr Wahidin Sudiro Husodo Hospital, Mojokerto City, regional health laboratories (labkesda), and public health centers.

Mojokerto Mayor Ika Puspitasari noted in a written statement in Mojokerto on Monday that the city government had liquidated the incentive funds since July 22 specifically for 420 healthcare workers.

Among them are specialist doctors, general practitioners, nurses, midwives, and other healthcare workers, such as health professionals, medical laboratory technicians, nutritionists, pharmacists, electro medics, physiotherapists, regional health laboratories, and health centers personnel.

"Thank God, we have disbursed incentive funds totaling Rp 7.92 billion (about US$5.47 thousand) for 420 healthcare workers. The incentive is an appreciatory gesture by the government for healthcare workers and supporting staff members tackling the COVID-19 pandemic," she emphasized.

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Decree of the Indonesian Health Ministry Number hk.01.07/menkes/4239/2021 stipulates that monthly incentives for specialist doctors amounted to Rp15 million (US$1,000) while Rp10 million (US$691) for general practitioners, Rp7.5 million (US$518) for nurses and midwives, and Rp5 million (US$345) for other health workers.

Puspitasari confirmed that Rp17.26 billion was sourced from the national health budget for allocating the incentives.

"Currently, Rp7.92 billion was liquidated for providing incentives for the period from January to June 2021 that will be realized on July 22," she stated.

Some Rp172.3 million (some US$12 thousand) will be channeled for the Jan-April 2021 period as incentive for the tracking team and will realized on June 3, 2021.

Puspitasari lauded all staff members at the Dr Wahidin Sudiro Husodo Hospital, Mojokerto City, health centers, and regional health laboratories handling the COVID-19 pandemic through all-out efforts.

"This incentive reflects the government’s support for the tracking team from the health centers and the Health Office that are the frontline (workers/fighters) and healthcare workers at the hospital that are the last line of defense. I am optimistic of this incentive boosting the spirit and work ethics of health workers to accelerate efforts to handle the pandemic in the midst of the great potential risk of exposure," she expounded.

Puspitasari also stressed that the government would do its best for dedicated healthcare workers that have made huge sacrifices for handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Those who receive this incentive have worked hard to serve COVID-19 patients in Mojokerto City. God willing, we will continue to strive to provide the best for these health workers," she stated.  Related news: Need to focus on condition of medical staff: MPR deputy speaker