e-HAC required at AP II airports using PeduliLindungi apps

e-HAC required at AP II airports using PeduliLindungi apps

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Hence, there is no need to bring the paper documents.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - State-owned airport operator PT Angkasa Pura (AP) II (Persero) has necessitated prospective passengers to fill the Health Ministry’s Electronic Health Alert Card (e-HAC) at departure airports using the PeduliLindungi apps.

"The Health Ministry has informed that the standalone e-HAC app is not being used anymore. It has been replaced with the e-HAC feature in the PeduliLindungi apps. Thus, airplane passengers can fill in the e-HAC in the PeduliLindungi apps that will be verified further by the ministry’s Port Health Office at the AP II airports," the company’s Vice President of Corporate Communication, Yado Yarismano, noted in his statement on Wednesday.

Yarismano remarked that the operation of the airports, managed by AP II, has been in accordance with the current valid regulation, such as the Transportation Minister’s Circular Letter Number 62 of 2021 on guidelines for domestic air travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Furthermore, citing the Health Ministry's statement, Yarismano noted that the public was advised to download the PeduliLindungi apps on the App Store or Play Store and delete the old e-HAC one.

The vice president also informed that the PeduliLindungi apps could simplify the flight process for people, who need to travel in urgent circumstances amid the pandemic.

"AP II airports fully support the PeduliLindungi apps. Hence, we have prepared various supporting infrastructure for the use of the apps," he noted.

Prospective flight passengers, who already have their digital vaccination certificate and COVID-19 test results uploaded in their PeduliLindungi account, can go directly to the check-in counter for their departure.

“Hence, there is no need to bring the paper documents. Furthermore, we urge prospective airplane passengers to get COVID-19 tests done at laboratories or health facilities that are integrated with the Health Ministry’s allrecord-tc-19 (also known as New All Record) apps to get the result sent directly to their PeduliLindungi account," he stated.

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