Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Greater Jakarta Police has arrested three persons for supplying the air gun used by the suspect in the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Office shooting last week.

"We have arrested (the three suspects)," Head of the Jakarta Police's Crime and Violence Sub-directorate Adjunct Senior Commissioner Indrawienny Panjiyoga said here on Tuesday.

The three suspects will be charged under the Emergency Law No. 12 of 1951 in conjunction with Articles 55 and 56 of the Criminal Code on firearms ownership, he informed.

The three suspects are currently being questioned at the local police headquarters, he added.

Earlier, the Greater Jakarta Police disclosed that the air gun used by suspect M, aged 60, to carry out the shooting at the MUI Office on May 2, 2023, was obtained in Lampung.

"The gun was obtained in Lampung from an individual known with the initial H, who is working as a seller of airsoft guns and air guns," the Director of General Criminal Investigation Senior Commissioner Hengky Haryadi said at a press conference here on May 5.

On the same occasion, Panjiyoga said that the suspect purchased the gun from H through two intermediaries, identified by the initials D and N.

"Suspect M met D, a forest ranger, and asked him about the guns sold by H," the adjunct senior commissioner added.

He said that D later called his friend, N, a local teacher, to ask about the gun that suspect M had inquired about.

"N, who had access to H, then called H, who is domiciled in Bandar Lampung and has been known to sell airsoft guns and air guns since 2012," Panjiyoga added.

Suspect M later paid D and N Rp5.5 million (around US$352) to purchase the gun from H, he informed.

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Translator: Ilham Kausar, Nabil Ihsan
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