Jakarta (ANTARA) - The State Secretary Ministry has prepared a presidential decree for the termination of Firli Bahuri from the post of chairperson of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the President's special staff coordinator, Ari Dwipayana, has said.

Bahuri is currently suspended from the post.

"Currently, the plan to dismiss KPK inactive chairperson has been prepared by the State Secretary Ministry and will be submitted to the President tonight, after President Joko Widodo returns to Jakarta from a working visit to North Sulawesi," Dwipayana informed via a text message on Thursday.

He said that on December 27, 2023, the ministry received a letter from the KPK Supervisory Board containing the Decision of the Hearing Panel for Violations of the KPK Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct Number: 03/SUPERVISORY BOARD/ ETHICS/12/2023 for Bahuri.

The ministry had also received a letter from Bahuri dated December 22, requesting that he be allowed to resign from the post of the KPK chair.

The Code of Ethics Hearing Panel of the KPK's Supervisory Board has found Bahuri guilty of violating the Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for KPK personnel regarding his meeting with former agriculture minister Syahrul Yasin Limpo (SYL).

Based on these considerations, the supervisory board imposed the heaviest sanction on Bahuri as a KPK personnel — it asked him to step down from his post.

Vice President Ma'ruf Amin said that the board's recommendation that Bahuri hand in his resignation was the correct step.

"I think the process is correct. The supervisory board evaluated the mistake and found minor, moderate, ethical, and serious violations carried out by Firli Bahuri," Amin noted during his working visit to Semarang, Central Java, on Thursday.

He further said he hopes that the decision will also be an opportunity to improve and restore the KPK's image as a credible and respected institution in the eyes of the community.

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