West Pasaman holds Mount Talamau coffee festival

West Pasaman holds Mount Talamau coffee festival

Photo doc./West Sumatran coffee exposed in a coffee festival in Padang in March 2018. (ANTARA FOTO/Iggoy el Fitra)

Simpang Empat, W Sumatra, (ANTARA News) - West Pasaman District in West Sumatra Province is organizing the first Mount Talamau Coffee Festival on Jan 7-10, 2018, to promote locally grown coffee internationally.

"We want to promote coffee produced in West Pasaman worldwide," Yulianto, the deputy district head of West Pasaman, stated here, Tuesday.

The festival is organized with the support of the association of West Pasaman Coffee Producers to celebrate the 15th anniversary of West Pasaman District.

In addition to Pasaman coffee, the festival is showcasing coffee produced by other regions in West Sumatra, such as South Solok, Lima Puluh Kota, Payakumbuh, and Agam.

West Pasaman currently has Arabica coffee plantations, measuring 1,200 hectares, with production reaching 450 tons per year. Each hectare produces some 800 kilograms of Arabica coffee.

The district`s coffee plantations, mostly located in Talamau Sub-district, date back to the Dutch colonial era.

West Pasaman produces the best coffee in West Sumatra, and the local government has supported the local coffee plantation business.

The festival is highlighted with a coffee dialog and talk show, as well as coffee testing and roasting, among other things.

Various kinds of local coffee offered during the festival include Tajo Taloe Minang, Minang Talu, Minang Kajai, Simpang Tibo Abu, and Kajai Equator coffee.

Talamau`s Arabica coffee has been exported to Java Island and Malaysia.

Reporting by Altas Maulana, Fardah A