Melawi: Floods swamp thousands of homes in 18 villages

Melawi: Floods swamp thousands of homes in 18 villages

Flooding in Melawi district, West Kalimantan. 

Pontianak, West Kalimantan (ANTARA) - Floods have inundated thousands of houses in 18 villages in Melawi district of West Kalimantan province following incessant and heavy rains over the past one week.

“The flood-affected villages include Tanjung Lay, Tembawang Panjang, Pal, Tanjung Niaga, Kenual, Baru, and Sidomulyo in Nanga Pinoh sub-district, Melawi district,” chief of the Melawi Resort Police, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Tris Supriadi, said here on Monday after visiting several of the flooded areas.

In addition, rising water levels at the Nanga Pinoh vegetable market have forced vendors to move to higher ground, and cut off access to the Nanga Pinoh-Sintang road in Sidomulyo village, he informed.

“For the time being, the Melawi disaster mitigation office (BPBD) is providing shelter at a multipurpose building in Melawi to villagers displaced by the flooding,” he added.

Other villages that have experienced flooding include Nanga Nuak, Lengkong Nyadom, Nanga Ella Hilir, Pelempai Jaya, Lingkar Indah, Sayan Jaya, Nanga Sayan, Pekawai, Tumbak Raya, Landau Sadak, and Madya Raya.

Flood waters have reached a height of up to two meters in several areas, Supriadi said.

So far, there have been no casualties due to the natural disaster that has inflicted material losses, he added.

In addition, state power utility company PLN ULP Nanga Pinoh has cut off power supply in areas experiencing flooding to prevent people from getting electrocuted, he said. (INE)

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