Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The United in Diversity (UID) Foundation President Mari Elka Pangestu highlighted the need for mental revolution among all parties to enter the fourth industrial revolution.

"From the UID Foundation, we are part of the task force to change leadership capacity and part of the mental revolution for the bureaucracy, as we have learning methods to change the mindset," Pangestu remarked at the Presidential Palace here on Monday.

The former trade minister remarked that the UID Foundation had applied the methods for the past decade in various programs.

"We are invited to join the National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas) team and the Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Ristekdikti) team whose chairman is Mr. Luhut," Pangestu stated.

UID is a non-profit organization, based in Indonesia, which was established by business and government leaders.

She noted that during the meeting with President Joko Widodo, the president called to encourage a broader mental revolution that is not only restricted to the field of bureaucracy.

"Initially, it was for the bureaucracy, but the president wanted it to be expanded, as he believes very rapid change posed a challenge for which an opportunity should be given to jump forward," she remarked.

Hence, Mari said all must be prepared, including human resources.

"The president often speaks about infrastructure, and now, we have to build human infrastructure," Mari remarked.
Reporting by Agus Salim, Ontiel Tamendael
Editing by Bustanuddin

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